India Exporters directory and list from India Export Data.

India Exporters directory and list from India Export Data.

India Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesale Vendors Directory and India Export data and Export Statistics are prepared from Export Invoices and Shipping Bills filed with India Customs.

Fastest and most accurate way to track active genuine Indian export companies and export from India.

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Data has info of Indian Exporter Name and address, Export Prices, Export Qty & Items Exported , Date of Export.

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 India exporters list is extracted from India export data from Indian customs of ports like Cochin, Tughlakabad, Delhi TKD , ICD PPG, JNPT, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Mulund, Tuticorin, Bangalore, Vizag, Kandla and Mundra.

Alarm Clock, Aluminum, Auto Cable, Aluminium Foil Paper, Automation, Alum, Amplifier, Amino Ethyl, Acrylic Wool, Alarm System, Auto Spare, Aluminium Vase, Acetone, Aluminium Hydroxide, Air-compressor, Amorphous Cefuroxime Axetil, Auto Oil, Acid Blue, Alumina, Automobile Tyre, Automobile Rubber Part, Acetate, Axle, Alphonso Mango, Ammeter

Bead, Butyl Tyre, Buckle Belt, Blanket, Brown Rice, Bolt Screw, Bed Sheet, Beach Bag, Brass Rack, Brass Pillar Holder, Benzene Intermediates, Black Jacket, Brass Photo Frame, Bathmat, Brassware, Bushing, Brass Cap, Borosilicate Glass, Burner, Bonnet, Brass Valve, Brass Vase, Bath Rugs, Ball Pen, Board Machine

Cheese, Calcium Sennosides, Cotton Net, Canvas Belt, Cotton Trousers, Clotrimazole, Ceramic Glazed, Cotton Powerloom, Copper Phthalocyanine Blue, Collar, Chiller, Cotton Silk, Chemicals Textile, Cut Stone, Copper Cable, Cotton Churidar, Cotton Tassel, Cassette, Cable Connector, Cypermethrin Tech, Cotton Print Fabric, Circuit Board, Cotton Bed Sheet, China Clay, Camera

Dried Salted Fish, Danazol, Drop Forged Plier, Die Set, Decorative Paper, Diesel, Dye Intermediate, Denim Jeans, Dowel Pin, Dyestuff, Digital Electronic, Duvet, Dyed Cotton Durries, Diagnostic Kits, Decorative Article, Diamond Tool, Door Hardware, Diesel Engine, Dyeing, Density Polyethylene, Detergent Powder, Dc Drive, Dairy, Dyed Cotton, Dihydrate

Engine Model, Electrical Component, Epns Artware, Ethambutol, Eucalyptus Oil, Ed Coat, Energy Meter, Empty Glass, Electronic Panel, Empty Gelatin Capsules, Enalapril Maleate, Engine Valve, Electric Switch, Empty Glass Bottle, Electric Cable, Electronic Accessories, Empty Plastic, Extruded Rubber, Ethyl Aniline, Electric Drive, Engine Part, Exhaust Gasket, Endless Belt, Extruder, Electric Iron

Feldspar, Fresh Flowers, Flower, Fastener, Flexible Packaging Material, Flex Paper, Fibre Drums, Fibre Pen, Filament Polyester, Furnace, Fan Blade, Fire Bricks, Fish Pan, Fibre Mat, Folic Acid, Flex Hose, Forgings Steel Forging, Fabric Material, Flower Rose, Fine Cotton, Fluorescent Tubes, Fresh Onion, Floor Rug, Fringe, Fuel Filter

Grade Powder, Gents Polyester, Glass Door, Girls Garment, Gel Pen, Ground Nut, Guava Pulp, Grinding Machine, Granite Block, Glass Candle Holder, Glass Lantern, Globe, Gearbox, Grey Paper, Gas Cylinder, Green Pigment, Grey Cotton Yarn, Girls Frock, Glass Handicraft, Green Slabs, Girls Skirt, Green Pepper, Glass Wax, Glass Mosaic, Glass Stand

Hand Purse, Hybrid Seed, Handmade Rayon, Hanger Hook, Head Cap, Heat Exchanger, Heat Exchange, Hand Paper, Hat, Hose Pipe, Heat Cap, Heat Shrinkable Sleeve, Hr Coils, Hand Oil, Hair Band, Herbal Cosmetics, Handmade Carpet, Horn Bracelet, Hydraulic Jack, Hand Made Glass Beads, Handicraft, Hydroquinone, Heat Sink, Handbag, Hammock

Injection Spare, Injection Moulding Machine, Iron Hanger, Instant Tea, Iron Bucket, Imitation Necklace, Incense Sticks, Indigo Dye, Ice Cream, Inlet Valve, Ipa, Indian Cotton, Injection Water, Inverter, Iron Artware, Indian Silk Carpet, Incense Stand, Industrial Jacket, Iron Candle Stand, Iron Lamp, Insulated Cable, Iron Table, Iron Lantern, Iron Hook, Incense Holder

Jute Durries, Jute Fabric, Jacket Hanger, Jewellery Item, Jute Made Bags, Jacket, Jumbo Bag, Jute Bag, Jute Hessian Cloth, Jacquard Hand, Jute Twine, Jute Soil Saver, Jeans, Jewelry, Juicer, Jute Sack, Jute Bale, Jewel Box, Jewellery Costume, Jogging Suit, Jute Wall Hanging, Jute Rugs, Juice, Jean Pant, Jali

Keychain, Knit Fabric, Knotted Carpet, Kitchen Strainer, Kids Pant, Kitchen Article, Knit Jersey, Ketoconazole, Ketone, Knitted Polyester, Kashmir Carpets, Kurtas, Key Lock, Key Holder, Kitchen Table, Knitted Fleece, Kid Shoe, Kokam, Knitted Nightwear, Kitchen Mat, Kettle, Knife, Kraft Paper, Ketonic Resin, Knitwear

Ladiesblouse, Leather Bag, Ladies Denim Skirts, Ladies Blouse, Label, Lock Cap, Ldpe Bag, Leather Belts, Leather Skirt, Ladies Cotton Pareo, Laboratory Reagent, Ladies Shoes, Ladies Short, Ladies Rex, Leather Ladies Wallet, Ladies Pajama, Ladies Bag, Ladies Denim Dress, Leather Purse, Leather Shoe, Ladies Purse, Ladies Scarves, Lab Chemicals, Leak Detector, Laminated Roll

Measuring Cup, Metal Plate, Metal Ornament, Mica, Metal Furniture, Mesh Wire, Metal Card, Mens Pullover, Motor Fan, Metallized Film, Mens Sweater, Metal Pen, Mercapto Benzimidazole, Mebendazole, Mancozeb, Monohydrate, Mustard Seed, Men Sweater, Malt, Mother Board, Musical Instruments, Melon, Metanilic Acid, Millet, Machine Welding

Notebook, Niacinamide, Nuts Washer, Nut Clamp, Nightgown, Nautical, Nightwear, Naproxen, Nappa Leather, Nylon Bag, Norfloxacin, Nalidixic Acid, Napkin Ring, Nicotinamide BP, Nylon Brush, Napthalene, Nitro Benzene, Nitro, Nitrogen, Nylon Socks, Nib, Necklace Bead, Nitric Acid, Nozzle Spray, Nighties

Oil Additive, Oxide Magnesium, Oil Cooler, Omeprazol, Organic Intermediate, Onion, Omeprazole Pellets, Orange Flavour, O Rings, Onion Bags, Organic Synthetic Tanning, Orange Acid, Oil Cake, Oxygen Cylinder, Organza Silk, Oil Painting, Ofloxacin, Oil Pump, Orange, Organ Bag, Oil Vegetable, Organic Oil, Oil Gear, Organic Grain, Oxide

Piperita Oil, Plastic Mirror, Pepper Oil, Paper Handicraft, Polyproplene, Plastic Hand, Polyester Cord, Polyester Dyed, Parachute, Poly Embroidery, Printed Foil, Photo Album, Press Die, Plastic Product, Plate Handle, Plastic, Pasta, Poplin Fabric, Push Rod, Paper Reams, Pipe Joint, Promotion Pens, Printed Saree, Printed Natural Silk, Plywood

Quinine Hydrochloride, Quilted Bag, Quilt, Quartzite, Quartz Watch, Quinoline, Quartz, Quality Yarn, Quilt Pillow, Quinine Sulphate, Quartz Stone, Quinine, Quilt Bed, Quilt Cushion Cover, Quilted Bed Spread

Rice Flakes, Red Acid, Rice, Red Henna, Reactive Blue, Riding, Raw Paper, Round Bar, Rotor, Rod Pump, Red Plastic, Rivet, Rapeseed Oil, Recorder, Red Rubber, Robusta Coffee, Rigid Sheet, Rayon Cotton, Rolled Aluminium, Razor Blade, Roll Belt, Reactive Red, Rubber Sheet, Raw Jute, Roller Rubber

Shutter, Seat Cushion, Steel Cot, Sewing Machine, Sorghum, Stone Polish, Sugar Cane, Selenium, Spring Coil, Simvastatin, Slitting Machine, Screw Washer, Suiting Fabric, Stainless Steel Utensil, Silk Garment, Short Top, Silk Pareo, Singoda, Sodium Cloxacillin, Steel Forging, Silk Saree, Steel Mesh, Square Candle, Stearic Acid, Shampoo

Test Kit, Thick Glass, Talcum Powder, Tension Bar, Tie Back, Thrust Roller, Trouser, Tee Elbow, Thompson Grapes, Tea Spoon, Turmeric Spice, Tape, Toluene, Tape Roller, Tea Towel, Thermocouple, Triphala, Tooth Brush, Tea Bag, Temephos Tech, Tool Bag, Textile Fabric, Twill Fabric, Tube, Thrust Washer

Utensil Aluminium, Universal Bracket, Upholstery Fabric, U Tube, Uniform, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine, Umbrella, U Bolt, Utensil, U Bolts, Ups System, Uriedo Aniline, Universal Joint, Urea, Underwear

Vending Machine, Valve Plate, Valve Casting, Viscose Cotton, Valve Needle, Valve Exhaust, Valve Cap, Valves, Vinyl Sulphone Ester, Vacuum Flasks, Velvet, Voltage Porcelain Insulator, Voltage Transformer, Viscose Fabric, Valve Motor, Vodka, Valve, Vinegar, Votive Holder, Vat Violet, Vegetable Seed, Valve Guide, Vinyl, Voltmeter, Vacuum Cleaner

Wood Lamp, Wheat Flour, Wood Belt, Wheat, Wooden Pen, Wood Photo Frame, Woven Shawls, White Can Sugar, Wooden Art, White Red, Wall Glass, White Rose, Wall Clock, Wood Bead, White Powder, Wooden Box, Woven Cushion, WS-C3550-12T, Wall Sconce, Woven Skirt, Waste Cotton, Woollen Carpet Yarn, Worm Gear, Wood Stick, Wool Fibre

X Ray Tube, X Mas Hanging, X Mas Ornaments, Xylene, Xerox, X Ray Accessories, X Ray Film, X Ray Equipment, X Mas Tree, X Ray Machine, Xlpe Cable, Xerox Copier, X Mas Decoration

Yellow 4, Yarn And Fabrics, Yellow Pigments, Yellow Synthetic, Yarn Dyed Fabric, Yarn In Cotton, Yellow Soy, Yarn Thread, Yarn Fabric, Yam, Yarn Wool, Yarn Dyed Polyester, Yellow Lemon, Yarn Cones, Yarn Dyed Shirt, Yellow Stone, Yellow Granite, Yellow 3, Yarn Dye Cotton Fabrics, Yarn Filament, Yellow Oxide, Yellow 12, Yellow Acid, Yarn Polyster, Yarn Chenille

Zinc Handle, Zipper, Zirconium, Zinc Coil, Zinc Alloy, Zari Handicrafts, Zinc, Zinc Powder, Zari Badges, Zinc Sulphate, Zip Bag, Zip, Zinc Plate, Zircon, Zeolite, Zari Lace, Zinc Bar, Zip Jacket

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  • India exported vaccines worth $353m in FY 21; $3,327m in 5yrs - Times of India
  • Chinese exports to US up, Indian traders hit - The Tribune India
  • India's February trade deficit widens to $12.88 bn, imports up 7% - Mint
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  • India Approves Rs. 7,350-Crore PLI Plan to Boost IT Product Exports - Gadgets 360
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  • In December 2020, India's electronics exports reached an all-time high - CNBCTV18
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  • Container shortage slows Indian sugar exports, fuels price rally - Economic Times
  • Indian merchants almost halt exports to Iran as its rupee reserves fall: Report - Moneycontrol
  • India exporting Covid-19 shots to 14 countries, set to meet 70% of world's needs: Amit Shah - Mint
  • Indian trade houses vying for sugar exports due to bullish global demand and suppressed domestic prices - Economic Times
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  • Pandemic effect: India’s vaccine exports plunge 60% to $353mn - Times of India
  • India’s exports to US decline 11.3% in 2020, register record growth in December - BusinessLine
  • India's exports up 6.16% in January; trade deficit narrows to $14.54 billion - Business Today
  • India Begins Export Of Assam’s Red Rice To USA, To Boost Farmer Incomes In Brahmaputra Valley - Swarajya
  • India’s exports up 6.16 pc in Jan - Financial Express
  • Non-basmati rice exports surge as West Asia, Africa build reserves - The Indian Express
  • Serum Institute to export Covid-19 vaccine to 25-30 countries on Tuesday - Business Standard
  • Trade watch: India's exports up 6.16% in January; imports rise 2% - CNBCTV18
  • Cotton exports may increase 30% as global market surges - BusinessLine
  • SII Warns Of Vaccine Supply Hit With US Raw Materials Export Ban - The Wire Science
  • Sugar mills contract export deals for 34 lakh tonne - The Financial Express
  • Indian tea exports dip 18% in 2020 - Times of India
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  • India's merchandise exports at $27.67B in February 2021, imports rise to $40.55B - Indiainfoline
  • Parliament Proceedings | India exports COVID-19 vaccines worth about ₹338 crore so far: Goyal - The Hindu
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  • Export-Import Bank of India extends a Line of Credit of USD 10.40 million to the Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland) - Punekar News
  • India exports Covid-19 vaccines worth about Rs 338 cr so far: Goyal - Business Standard
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